In the olden days, people use to hunt animals and eat fruits from trees of the forest before civilization. Once the civilization has started, various works like farming, crafts, construction have become employment for few sectors of people. Along with the growing population, forests are reduced and with development people have to search for various other jobs apart from the traditional jobs. Today it is very important for humans to earn money so that they can have all the necessary things like food, shelter for themselves and for their family. Nowadays it is very difficult to find a suitable job with the competition existing in the corporate world. For single job opening, there are many people who deserve to get the job and employers have to filter them.

With the increasing competition and a number of people, it is very difficult for the companies to conduct the recruitment process. For a single job requirement sometimes they have to spend so much of time and money in filtering the candidates. In such scenarios, the companies contact recruitment agency Singapore to provide suitable candidates. The agencies filter the candidates and select the suitable candidate for the position sends them to the company. This makes the recruitment process easy for the company and saves lot of effort for them.

Sometimes a company might require a specific position only for the short term then it is a loss for them to recruit a person for the company for short term and then once the job is then they have to pay the employee without work. In such scenarios, recruitment agency provides the candidates on contract basis for a certain period of time and the employee will be working under the agency and not in the company payroll. Once the job is done the agency provides another suitable job for the employee and company is not responsible for the contract employee provided by the agency on the short term.

The agencies provide the work based on the requirement of their client companies. It might be a temporary job or a permanent job. They will become the mediator between the company and the employee who is trying to find a job. Many job seekers contact the agencies to search their job and once a temporary job is finished the agency in which they are working provides them another job based on their skills.

With the increasing competition and requirement number of agencies has also increased. Due to the pressure from the companies to have the candidates in the short term they provide candidates who may not be the expert in the required job position and it brings a bad remark to the particular agency. The agencies work depends on the good will they have attained in the market by providing the eligible candidates to the companies.