Just like all other things present in the world; cars and vehicles do require regular maintenance. While it is true that the technological advancements over the past few decades have helped develop the car industry immensely, resulting in more efficient, durable and long lasting vehicles, there are still maintenance tasks that can be carried out by a vehicle owner to extend the longevity of his or her vehicle.

Of course these maintenance tasks are mostly basic. Decades back, a vehicle user had to worry about ensuring the suspension system is well lubricated and focus on frequently changing the driving belt present in his or her vehicle but now driving belts are designed to last much longer and suspension systems come with a permanent lubrication.

For manual vehicles, it is important to regularly check the state of the clutch. Present in the bell housing, clutch operated on the laws of friction. As time passes on, the friction material gets worn off with the constant usage and wear the clutch is exposed to. The end result is that the clutch starts to slip. An easy indication that the clutch is slipping is if there are abrupt increases in the revs of the engine but it is not followed by an acceleration of the vehicle.

The malfunctioning clutch can pose a lot of dangers to the safety of the individuals present in the car and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Airflex in Indonesia are an ideal option for those looking for a reliable clutch.

Pay attention to your engine and the engine oil levels on a scheduled and regular basis. Look for issues like oil leaks. A way to spot oil leaks is to park your car in one position for a couple of hours and then scan the ground for any oil spills. Lack of oil will severely affect your car as there is not enough lubrication for the engine to function smoothly and this can cause hiccups in the normal process inside a vehicle engine. The oil filter too needs to be changed after the vehicle runs for a certain amount of time. This is best done by professionals as it can be quite difficult for a person to remove and install an oil filter in his house.

The air filter is another component that deserves regular checks and changing. Used for the purpose of filtering dust and germs from the outside air before it enters the car, the air filter gets clogged with dust after a period of time. You as the owner need to remove it and dust it every now and then.