One of the most fun and money making activities you can choose to participate in is a “storage war” auction. Of course while this activity has the potential to earn you a lot of money it is also a giant risk as it also has the potential to lose you the money you spent on the storehouse container. It is vital that you have enough money to withstand a loss with your container although most often the losses that you could incur are minor as most of the time you are likely to find enough things in the storage unit to at the very least cover your costs.

How a storage war works is certain people purchase short term storage Singapore containers to store their belongings but for some reason they never return. These storage container companies then hold auctions where bidders are welcome to come and bid for the storage containers that have been left behind. More often than not, these containers have the potential to have very valuable pieces inside of them, where all containers now belong to the highest bidder.

The reason for these short term storage containers to be abandoned is not known. It could be that they have either moved away or maybe they could’ve died. There have been television shows made about storage wars and there have been certain people who have gained thousands of dollars from the valuable items they have found in their storage units.

Things you will need to know

Not surprisingly, there are people who make storage unit wars there full time job. Instead of working a nine to five job, these people spend all of their time, searching for storage units, bidding on them and selling the items inside to respective buyers. It would be very useful to have a lot of contacts in different fields as you will never really know what you are going to find inside your new storage unit. In addition to this, it is important to develop a good eye, as the auctioneers will only give each bidder a glimpse of the storage container for less than a minute. In that minute, you will need to look around the entire room and find out if you see anything that is of value and decide on how much you are willing to bid on it. There are many times when you may have seen something valuable and therefore are willing to bid higher where as your competitor may have missed the valuable items present in the storage unit. It is all about having a good eye.