A professional photo service is something that you know sure will hurt your wallet if you were ever to attempt to go for one. These involve huge cameras that make your neck hurt even by looking at them, then the umbrellas filled with bright LED bulbs that make you sweat and you have to stay in the same pose for minutes followed by another pose and then another and etc. For those who are not fans of being stuck in the same darkened room for hours at end and posing for photographs it might not be the cup of tea of preference. View this link http://whiteroomstudio.com.sg/maternity-photography.php for more information about pregnancy photo shoot in Singapore.

But there are instances where going for professional snapshots can actually be helpful for you keep the memories and also remind yourself of important things in life. While you can always make do with the fancy smartphone cameras or your personal camera for everyday and vacation photographs, big events in life need the touch of a professional. Wedding, newborn and, pregnant photo shoot are some that you would need to invest in.


Considered the most important venture in life and also the most drastically changing one, a wedding is an event most people look forward to in their lives when they have found their significant other they want to spend the rest of their lives with. In the case of taking pictures during a wedding, asking a friend to take pictures will be unfair as she or he will have to go around taking all the pictures while being unable to be in most of them.

Going for professional services will be easier for you as most wedding photography packages come with a video or actual wedding photo album and story book and also really nice photographs to last a lifetime. Professionals know what to look for to take the best photos and also those who specialize in wedding ceremony photography would be able to help you get into your best smile and pose easily.


This is one of the new trends currently seen in the world. Pregnancy photographs are taken in funny and cute ways during a professional pregnant photo shoot that does end up making memories for you as well. You and the future father can ask for a theme or browse for ones from the portfolio of the professionals to see the one you would to have adorn the baby book or the family album. Usually they end up going viral too if you post them online and do not have privacy setting fixed.

New born

When you have your newborn in this world, you would not be able to take a wink of sleep or have some time for yourself and your husband or wife. It is something that every parent understands no matter how many kids they have. But another thing to keep in mind is to take nice photographs of your newborn to keep in your albums. This does not require a professional unless you want fancy photos, but you can commission a friend with a DSLR camera to do a small snapshot evening with the baby and the family.

While it may put off people when they hear the words, professional photography is a must in some instances in life.