If you are an athlete or a sports person, then you should know that injuries are part and parcel of any sport. The slit on the tendon is one of the most common problems that people involved in sports face. The largest tendon in your body is the Achilles tendon and it is the scene to stretch from the bones on the backside of your foot to the calf muscles. This is the tendon that allows you to flex your foot forward and to point the toe on the floor. An injury to the tendon is a very common sight, but it must not be overlooked. The ache that results out of the injury to the tendon might be light to moderate. You would feel stiffness and burning ache in that area of the leg. If the discomfort is severe, then there is a chance for the tendon to have torn or ruptured.

Causes of injury to tendon
There are many causes that could lead to ankle ligament tear. Some of the main causes are:
• Boosting your workout and physical activity level at a quick rate.
• Overdoing any physical activity or pushing yourself beyond the limits to achieve faster workout results.
• Tightness of the leg muscles or tendons.
• Regular use of high heels that can put excess stress on the tendon.

People associated with sports like running, football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, dance, gymnastics, etc., where they need to make quick slow down moves, fast pivots, quickly speed up are seen to be commonly suffering from these kinds of feet aches. This can happen to anyone who moves suddenly when they push or lift their foot. If you are interested about bunion surgery you can visit this website http://footandankledoctor.com.sg/condition/bunions-forefoot-deformities-hallux-valgus/.

Signs and symptoms that must not be ignored
The most obvious sign that a person suffering from tendon slit would show is the pain just above the heel. This ache is noticed when they stand on their toes or stretch their legs. If the ache is a mild one, then it can get better or worse as time goes by. In order to get healed from the ache, you need to give complete rest of your feet. If the area is swollen, stiff, and tender, and if you are suffering from excruciating ache, then the tendon might have ruptured. You might sometimes need an Achilles tear surgery and hence consulting a bone specialist is advised.

Treatments for tendon issues
If the twinge to the tendon is minor to moderate, then it can heal on its own. To speed up the healing, you should rest your leg, give ice pack treatment for the affected area and also compress the leg to reduce the swelling. If the ache is severe, then seek medical attention and follow the instructions of the doctor to get rid of the ache.